The covers

We can offer different types of covers: little balls, feather, saglia, saglietta, satin chine, ermesine for sleeve, signed jacquard lining, all in 100% Cupro Bemberg, with an assortment of hundreds of colors.Cupro Bemberg it is a fiber of natural origin, obtained from the pure cellulose contained in the cotton linters immersed in a cuprammoniacal solution. With this procedure we obtain a very shiny yarn similar to silk, the slogan of Bemberg born in the years 60 said precisely Born from cotton, it shines like silk.
The linings are breathable and comfortable, offer thermal comfort due to their hygroscopic characteristics (cool with high temperatures and warm with cool temperatures), are hypoallergenic, antistatic, have a high capacity to absorb humidity and withstand high temperatures during ironing.

PONGINETTE: piece-dyed lining, height cm.140, weight gr / mtl. 80 about, female use.

FEATHER: yarn-dyed lining, height cm.140, weight gr / mtl.85 approximately, use male-female.

SAGLIETTA: yarn-dyed lining, height cm.140, weight gr / mtl.110, male-female use.

SATIN CHINE: lining (Satin) yarn-dyed, height cm.140, weight gr./mtl.130, male-female use. In addition to Cupro Bemberg covers, we also have viscose covers in the sample collection, or mixed cupro / viscose.

Ermesino for sleeve lining. Sartorial lining for sleeves, soft and silky, in the classic height cm.100, particularly designed for modern lightweight fabrics.

The Jaquard lining signed in the name of the client.
We can provide our customers with the Jaquard lining signed with the logo, or the autographed signature with an assortment of over 220 colors. We can also produce only 1 piece (mt.40 / 45 approx.) Per color.

implications (Revers) for tuxedos:
Revers in pure silk in cm.45 height in the Rasata and Canetè version in the colors Black, Bleunotte and Bianco seta. La Trina for silk trousers.