wholesale of supplies for tailor-made tailoring

linings-buttons-yarns and accessories for tailoring

In the following store you are about to enter our SHOP where you can see all our items, with their characteristics and prices divided into categories, you will have the opportunity to purchase the items you are interested in, using the cart. When the goods are shipped, a regular invoice will be issued showing the VAT rate for shipments to Italy, while for export shipments, international regulations will be followed.

In many articles, especially in the lining, there is the possibility of varying the price in relation to the quantity ordered.
We guarantee that all the items proposed are of first choice and that almost all (over 95%) are produced in ITALY, the remainder is, however, produced within the European Community.

We will be honored to receive customers' visits to our office. We remind you that we are not a retail shop and we do not sell to private individuals, but we are wholesalers, so to avoid long waits, please contact our secretary
to arrange an appointment, in this way we can devote the utmost attention to the customer's needs.

We remember you (extract of ours conditions of sale reported in this page):

  • The amount minimum of the order is €150,00 (taxable goods + VAT).
  • Le transportation fee I am at customer charge and will be counted on the estimate that we will send to the customer for payment.
  • The pro-forma invoice will be sent Not before 10/12 working days
  • Il Prepayment of the goods can be made through transfer banking or through PAYPAL, the company will send, together with the pro-forma invoice, the codes to make the payment.