The accessories

We can offer different products suitable for many uses: tailor measures, open thimbles for men, thimbles for women, punching bags, drittofilo, hand sewing needles, normal machine needles, jeans, jersey, magline, stretch, twin needles for double seam, belt for trousers belt in the grosgrain type, or already ready with bias and insert in
rubber, normal zippers, for jeans, openable 1 slider, can be opened with double slider.


Sartorial Hanger

Imitation wood, thanks to its particular shape, has a perfect fit, ideal for the tailor's garment. The rod, for trousers, is velvety so that the trousers don't slip. In addition to the coat hanger, two trouser holders are available, one of which is a plier to hang the trousers without folding them. It is possible to customize it with the customer's logo.