Terms of Sale


ZAMBONI PIERO company from 1948
Via Bellaria 16 / B - 40139 BOLOGNA
VAT number: IT02451911206 - EORI: IT02451911206
CCIA 440464 - 
Tel. + 39 051 392980
And. email: pierozamboni@iol.it  

Conditions of sale concerning the purchase of products made online, at the Piero Zamboni Company (wholesale of linings, buttons, yarns, haberdashery and accessories) and which are an integral part of all sales contracts for our products, including those hired by other means (telephone, fax, e-mail, presence or through this site).

  • 1) The Zamboni Piero company markets its products to a professional clientele (artisan tailors, tailoring workshops, retailers, traders, etc.). The customer assures that the purchase of these products is relevant to his/her work activity, consequently this relationship will not be governed by consumer protection regulations.
  • 2) The Customer, upon confirming his order, unconditionally accepts the conditions of sale, declaring that he is of age and has read and accepts all the information provided.
  • 3) The prices of the items displayed are expressed in Euros and are exclusive of VAT. The Zamboni Piero company reserves the right to modify them at any time, without notice; the sending by the Zamboni company of the pro-forma invoice
    it is valid as our confirmation to the order proposed by the customer.
  • 4)The technical characteristics relating to the products published on the site are those corresponding to the current state of the products and may change at any time, the product images are purely indicative and non-binding. Although the Zamboni Piero company can provide information on the characteristics of the products, the Customer is responsible for choosing the items ordered and ensuring that the technical characteristics of the items correspond to their needs. The customer must verify, before cutting the material, with specific tests carried out by the customer himself, the compatibility of the item purchased with the use for which it will be intended.. The Zamboni Piero company cannot take any responsibility in this regard.
  • 5) The minimum order amount is of eu. 150,00 (taxable goods) + VAT
  • 6) Payment for the goods ordered, unless previously agreed between the parties, will be anticipated via Bank transfer or CREDIT CARD. The customer will receive a pro-forma invoice from us, not earlier than 10/12 working days, with the list of all available items (with quantity and unit price per item), transport costs and relative total amount. The bank codes (IBAN and Swift) for making the bank transfer will be indicated on the pro-forma invoice.  In the event that the customer prefers payment by CREDIT CARD, you will have to communicate this at the time of the order, in this the company will send the customer the secure link to make the payment. 
  • 7) Transport costs will also be indicated in the pro-forma. It is not possible for us to indicate the costs when filling out the order, as these are subject to the weight, volume, place of destination and the chosen means of transport.
  • 8) The shipment of the goods can take place in 5/10 working days, barring unforeseen circumstances, from the moment the payment is received.
  • 9) Shipping freight collect with charges added to the invoice  it is usually done by a courier agreement.
    The customer can indicate a courier to his liking;
    The Customer has the right to request, with the charge of the relative costs, that the shipment is insured.
  • 10) The goods travel at the buyer's risk. Any claims for damage or tampering during transport must be reported directly to the courier. Upon delivery, the customer must verify the integrity and the number of packages with what is stated on the transport document, any discrepancies or anomalies must be communicated immediately to the courier and only, for information, to the company Zamboni Piero.
  • 11) Complaints for defective goods or goods not compliant with the order must be made within 10 days of receipt of the goods in writing (email-fax or registered letter). After this period it will be deemed that the goods have arrived without faults or defects and in conformity with the order.
  • 12) Returned goods must be authorized by us, the Customer must wait for our instructions. return instructions. Returns of goods not authorized in advance will not be accepted and therefore rejected.
  • 13) The total or partial reproduction of the contents of this site is prohibited, for any reason, in particular the images contained therein, which remain the property of the Zamboni Piero company, with the exception of registered trademarks (possibly used to better present the product) which are and remain the property of their legitimate owners.
  • 14) When preparing the lining cuts, a tolerance of up to 20% may occur
    (more or less) between what is ordered and what is actually shipped
  • 15) TAILORING EQUIPMENT (electric irons-mannequins-manichiera-cushion for ironing etc. etc.) for sales of these items, outside national borders, the customer is aware that the company will not be able to guarantee any assistance. 
  • 16) INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS:                                                                                                     shipments within the European Community   the customer must provide the VAT number validated by the VIES system (Vat Information Exchange System), failing which we will be forced to count the Italian VAT rate on the invoice.                  shipments to EXTRA-EUROPEAN STATES   the customer must provide the exact header, including the tax code of his country. The customer will also have to check if the customs regulations of your country provide for limitations or import bans on our products. We will not be able to take any responsibility in case of rejection of shipments. Customs fees and taxes are attributable to the customs of the recipient country, and will be collected in the manner and time provided by the Customs.
  • 17) For any disputes, the only competent court will be that of Bologna.
  • 18) We will be honored to receive the visit of our customers. In order to organize ourselves as best as possible, we ask you to make prior arrangements with our secretariat, in this way we can be at your complete disposal.
    and you will probably avoid long waits