Interior paintings

Camel hair and other canvases for interiors: very important accessories can in fact affect the wearability, on the movement of the fabric, give volume, shape and support to the head. After the fabric is definitely the most important element for the packaging of a garment, the use of poor quality interior could negatively affect the final result of the Sartorial garment.
We have in the sample collection over 40 types of canvases for interior. Instead of having an industrial finish, some of these are finished by hand: wet in water and dried in the sun, this guarantees non-shrinkage even if the garment is subsequently washed in water.
Latest generation indoor canvases are coming, which, despite being industrially worked, through special natural finishes, will also be non-shrinking to washing in water.

PELO CAMEL: it owes its name to the fact that a weft thread obtained with the twisting of the camel hair fibers was used to produce this snappy canvas. With the evolution of the technique and the advent of high speed mechanical looms, this type of yarn could no longer be used as it broke, so it was replaced with a yarn made from goat hair. In production, fibers such as wool, cotton and viscose are used. Available in white, black, gray, ivory and hazel.

HORSEHAIR: canvas produced with horsehair made from the tail of the horse. In the sample a dozen types, some light in color, to meet any weight requirement: heavy for coat up to light for type fabrics Tasmania. Also available are three types of vegetable hair, one of which is pure white.

LINEN LINEN: canvases for interiors 100 dress% Irish or Belgian linen, for both straight and bias necks. We have a special type for inside gilet.

SCREEN Wool Linen blend.

SCREEN for packages both in straight line and in sbiego

MELTON Under-felt felt: in the 2 types sample book, the classic without canvas, or the type with linen for pure Irish linen in SBIEGO. Quilted with stitches spaced apart 1 cm. About. These particular seams allow to have a substantial under-collar, but at the same time easy to mount on the garment.
We also have cotton canvases for inside gilet, inside pants belts, canvases for models. Besides 20 types of adhesive canvases in cotton, adhesive muslin for silk in different colors, adhesive nylon meshes of which a bielastic type with movement in the two directions for stretch fabrics.

SPECIAL FOR BRIDE: fabric TUNDRA (Marquesette) in pure silk, TUNDRA silk / acetate blend, organdy in pure silk, TRIPLE TUNDRA in pure silk, RASO of ORGANZA, TULLE in 4 heaviness. TAFFETA in bemberg.