A long story over 70 years

A long story over 70 years
The company was founded on 25 February 1948
from Adriano Zamboni

as wholesale supplies complete for tailor-made men's tailoring, specialized, initially, in the sale of buttons and expanding in a very short time the range of items proposed so as to satisfy any request of our tailoring customers.
In the 1974 the paternal activity continues thanks to the two sons Guido and Piero.
From the 2003 the company is managed by Piero.
Over 60 years of activity, always aimed at tailor-made tailoring for men and the last 20 years also at the Sartoria for Women have allowed us to select, for the loyal customers, the best items on the market, with the skilful combination that only the Sartoria Artigiana can guarantee for the creation of unique and exclusive garments.
Linings for dresses, designer linings, reverses in pure silk for tuxedos, ermesine for sleeves, camel hair, animal horsehair, linens for interiors in pure linen and linen blend, pure Irish linen for under-collar, cotton lining for pockets, silesias, twille , sateen, cotton and silk yarns, handmade buttonhole, corozo buttons, real mother-of-pearl, real horn, metal for Blezer, galalite, in addition to the most modern buttons of mother-of-pearl imitation, woven labels.
The proposed items are always ready in stock and a particular attention is paid to the covers of Cupro Bemberg.
Besides 60 years of activity, the high quality and the wide assortment of the proposed articles allow us to count a large clientele both in Italy and abroad: France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, United States and Mexico.
We are pleased to supply our products to internationally renowned Atelier, Griffe and Boutiques.
Over 60 years of activity, exclusively aimed at tailor-made tailoring, make us believe that we can be the ideal partner where you can find quality, reliability and competence.