25/0176 Labels woven on standard definition ribbon

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Standard definition woven labels on selvedge tape.
standard definition labels - selvedge tape
Different heights are available, of which the most used are:
mm. 10 - recommended for shirts and ties-
mm. 15 - recommended for shirts and ties
mm. 20 - recommended for ties and suits
mm. 25 - recommended for dress
mm. 30 - recommended for dress
mm. 35 - recommend for dress
other heights can also be produced.
The minimum processing are mt. 100, and then go up to mt. 250 - 500 and above.

the price changes according to the footage ordered; indicatively we can say that the price of the 250 meters drops by about 30% compared to the price of the 100 meters and so also for the higher meters;
it is possible, with a price supplement, to insert one or more colors in the wording.
The package is a roll of about 50 meters, it is possible to have the labels cut individually and with the side edges folded.
A working tolerance of 10% +/- this is foreseen as regards the footage and the dimensions.
We cannot, here, indicate the quotations because the price is determined by various elements.
The prices are expressed in euros - excluding VAT.
For a better and faster realization we invite the customer to provide us with the sketch of the desired composition, better if on vector file; at the moment of the estimate we will provide the graphic simulation for approval.